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Foster+Partners作品 | Murray酒店,原为香港前政府总部大楼

      Foster+Partners正在将香港前政府总部大楼改建为豪华酒店Murray,Murray是豪华酒店集团Niccolo Hotels的旗舰酒店,将于2018年初全面开放。酒店位于香港红棉路27层的美利大厦(Murray Building),这座大楼50年前由建筑师罗恩·菲利普斯(Ron Phillips)设计,为多个政府部门提供办公。
      Foster + Partners is transforming a former government headquarters tower in Hong Kong into a luxury hotel,The Murray is the flagship property of luxury hotel group Niccolo Hotels and will open fully for guests in early 2018.       The hotel is inside The Murray Building – a 27-storey tower on Hong Kong's Cotton Tree Drive that was designed by architect Ron Phillips almost 50 years ago to house offices for several governmental departments
      The building is part of Hong Kong's Conserving Central Initiative, and is a recognised historic landmark. The conversion by global architecture firm Foster + Partners retains much of its original modernist character, while upgrading the interior to suit its new use.       菲利普斯的设计着重于为办公室工作人员创造一个舒适的环境,并设有倾斜的隐藏式窗户,确保阳光直射不会穿透建筑物。Foster + Partners对原始建筑的开创性可持续性特征留下了深刻的印象,因此在将其转换成酒店时,大致保持了外观的不变。
      The design by Phillips focused on achieving a pleasant environment for the office workers, with skewed, recessed windows ensuring that direct sunlight does not penetrate the building.Foster + Partners was impressed with the original building's pioneering sustainable features, and therefore left the facade largely unaltered when converting it into the hotel.       建筑师在一份项目声明中说:“建筑物的建筑与香港的气候直接相关,带有隐藏式窗户,精心定向,以避免恶劣的热带阳光。新设计保留了建筑外观,同时升级了建筑的其他方面,并通过引入适合城市不断变化需求的新功能来延长建筑寿命,从而为未来几年提供可持续的遗产。
      "The architecture of the building is in direct response to the climate of Hong Kong, with recessed windows, carefully orientated to avoid the harsh tropical sunlight," said the architects in a project statement.
The new design retains the facade while upgrading other aspects of the building and extending its life by introducing new functions appropriate for the changing demands of the city – giving it a sustainable legacy for years to come.       除了改造旧办公楼层以容纳336间客房和套房之外,建筑师正致力于改善建筑与周围城市环境之间的关系。一条新的临街入口将包括一个透明而温馨的入口,而景观美化的场地将扩大到容纳一个公共太极区域。现场已存在多年的大树也将被保存,并通过从建筑物基地延伸到相邻高速公路的平台上升起来。
      In addition to remodelling the former office floors to accommodate 336 guest rooms and suites, the architects are focusing on improving the relationship between the building and its surrounding urban context.A new street frontage will incorporate a transparent and welcoming entrance, while the landscaped grounds will be extended to accommodate a public tai chi area.A large tree that has existed on the site for many years will also be preserved and rise up through a podium that extends from the building's base towards the adjacent highway.       在混凝土叶片墙的网格下方,塔楼的底部设有一系列拱形开口,为纯白色的塔楼带来古典美感。酒店的屋顶酒吧享有香港中央商务区和附近公园的景致,还设有一系列餐厅和酒吧以及会议和活动空间。
      Below the grid of concrete blade walls, the tower's base features a series of arched openings that introduce a classical aesthetic to the pure-white tower.The hotel's rooftop bar will provide views of Hong Kong's central business district and a nearby park, while a range of restaurants and bars will also be accommodated, along with meeting and events spaces.


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