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Forte Forte作品 | Pairs巴黎店,精致而强烈的美感

       Forte Forte精品店位于巴黎第六区的中心地带,被认为是触觉和情感价值的空间延伸,定义了品牌的独特精神,内部充满了精致而强烈的美感。
     Located in the heart of the 6th arrondissement of Paris, the Forte Forte boutique is considered to be a spatial extension of the tactile and emotional values that define the brand's unique spirit and is filled with exquisite and intense beauty.       同样由Giada Forte和艺术总监Robert Vattilana再次操刀,室内设计传达了视觉上的和谐和熟悉的感觉,同时避免任何关于女性零售空间应该是什么的预先设想。整个空间充满了不完美人体触摸的温暖,可以触及所有物体和饰面的处理。对比元素的平衡创造了一种充满惊喜的和谐,其中精致和自信融合在一起。
      Again by Giada Forte and artistic director Robert Vattilana, interior design conveys a sense of visual harmony and familiarity while avoiding any preconceptions about what women's retail space should be. The entire space is filled with the warmth of an imperfect human touch that can reach the treatment of all objects and finishes. The balance of contrasting elements creates a harmony full of surprises, where exquisiteness and self-confidence blend together.


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