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Forte Forte作品 | Milano米兰店,亲密但不隐秘

       Forte Forte联合创始人Giada Forte邀请了艺术总监Robert Vattilana,帮助他们实现一个接近品牌心跳的概念-女性化,独特,充满活力,并且有点好奇。该项目的目标可能远非古怪,Forte Forte已经放弃了长期建立的车间方案,转而采用更流畅,更传奇和触觉的方式。
      Forte Forte co-founder Giada Forte invited art director Robert Vattilana to help them achieve a concept that is close to the brand's heartbeat - feminine, unique, energetic, and a bit curious. The goal of the project may be far from eccentric, and Forte Forte has abandoned the long-established shop floor plan and turned to a more fluid, more legendary and tactile approach.        入口和朝前的窗户由一个戏剧性的白色窗帘遮挡,从双层高的天花板落下,包裹着部分墙壁。浅浮雕的大理石贯穿整个墙壁,作为家具,柜台和大型花盆的背景。它也被切成有机形状,点缀着紫红色,薄荷和玫瑰花的马赛克玻璃。
      The entrance and the front window are covered by a dramatic white curtain that descends from the double-height ceiling and envelops some of the walls. The bas-relief of marble runs through the walls as a backdrop for furniture, counters and large flower pots. It is also cut into organic shapes, dotted with mosaic glass of fuchsia, mint and rose.        更衣室采用洋红色天鹅绒制成,并采用了纽扣绗缝的设计手法。从世界各地收集的私人元素给这个空间和它的故事带来了个人的标志。
      The dressing room is made of magenta velvet and features a button quilted design. The private elements collected from around the world bring a personal touch to this space and its story.


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