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Fernanda Marques作品 | Panorama,极简主义美学别墅

       巴西建筑师Fernanda Marques在一栋名为Panorama的双层公寓中增加了游泳池,同时在一个富裕且垂直密集的社区的一栋公寓楼翻新了477平方米的单元。
      Brazilian architect Fernanda Marques in a double called Panorama apartment increased the swimming pool, at the same time in a rich and vertical intensive community apartment buildings renovation of the 477 - square - metre unit.       该项目旨在为一对没有孩子的夫妇设计,其部分原因是客户希望将游泳场所纳入其公寓。
      The project was designed for a couple without children, in part because customers wanted to include swimming venues in their apartments.       “费尔南达·马克斯(Fernanda Marques)张开双臂接受了这一愿望,他们决定将游泳池的前部和中央部分放置在起居室内,这样除了享受休闲之外,还会产生紧张感,”建筑师的工作室说,总部设在圣保罗。
      "Fernanda Marques accepted it with open arms, they decide to the front of the swimming pool and the central part is placed in the living room, so in addition to enjoy leisure, also can produce the tension," architect's studio said, headquartered in Sao Paulo.
      Built in a silver outdoor space, a 10-meter swimming pool can be seen through the thick Windows of the double room. An elongated swimming pool can be accessed either on the second floor of the home or through a rollover staircase in the outer garden.
      "Building a pool structure is the most challenging aspect of the project," says Max. "In order to achieve this result, very thick imported glass is used and professionals are required to install it."
      Similar projects in private city homes include a house in ho chi minh city and a house in Jakarta.
      Panoramic hotel pool overlooking the spacious and bright guest room, with marble surface and streamline decoration. The huge Windows provide a powerful connection to the garden, with high walls draped over the thick foliage.
      Outside the living room, the lower part of the home contains a dining room and kitchen. The master and guest bedroom and the gym and office are on the second floor.
      In one of the bedrooms, a wall is cut to show the living room. The bedroom is lined with glass balustrades, and there are foldable white panels that can be closed as needed.
      Throughout the house, architects have adopted a minimalist aesthetic to focus on the client's art collection, another key element of the project.

      "They have the works of artists I admire so much, and they are directly involved in space issues, so you can see how important they are in the project."
      The family lighting design is carefully designed to enhance the art. At a lower level, several areas are equipped with orbital lighting. "with the development of the collection, more artistic space will appear".



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