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Ferm Living作品 | Restaurant IBU,哥本哈根新亚洲餐厅

       丹麦家居用品品牌Ferm Living 使用红色和灰色的色调为这家位于哥本哈根的新亚洲融合餐厅营造出温馨的室内环境。
      Ferm Living, a Danish household goods brand, USES red and grey tones to create a cozy indoor environment for the new Asian fusion restaurant in Copenhagen.
       IBU最近在该市时尚的哥本哈根街区开业,由厨师Henrik Jyrk领导。他走近费尔姆生活设计其内部,概述他想要一个空间,可视化参考他的北欧根和亚洲风味的美食。目的是为客人创造一个“想要徘徊”的空间。
      IBU recently opened in the city's fashionable Copenhagen neighborhood, led by chef Henrik Jyrk. He walks into ferm's life to design his interior, outlining his desire for a space, visualizations of his northern European and Asian cuisines. The goal is to create a "want to wander" space for guests.
       “对客户来说,至关重要的是创造一个氛围或氛围,让你想要整夜保持住,这与我们在Ferm Living工作的方式有着明确的联系,我们对情感有很多想法,”告诉Dezeen:“我们进入这个项目,就像我们要装饰一个人的家一样。”
      "For customers, it is essential to create an atmosphere or atmosphere, let you want to keep all night, with us in this Ferm Living work has clear contact way, we have a lot of thoughts about emotional," told Dezeen: "we enter into the project, as we want to decorate a man's home."
       Ferm Living一个主要专注于家具和家居饰品的品牌 - 开发了一种他们感受到北欧和亚洲文化的配色方案,整个空间的淡米色色调从哥本哈根的建筑和屋顶的色调中提取。
      Ferm Living a major focus on furniture and household act the role ofing is tasted brand - developed a they feel the color scheme of the Nordic and Asian culture, the space of light beige color extracted from Copenhagen building and roof is tonal.
       同时,覆盖立面和一些内墙的深红色在中国象征着欢乐和幸运。设计师还为亚洲添加了一些其他细微的参考,例如,供应食物时使用的格栅。Ferm Living表示:“这些设计与亚洲大城市同义的繁忙街道厨房勾勒出一条直线。
      At the same time, the deep red, covering the facade and some interior walls, symbolizes joy and luck in China. The designer has also added other subtle references to Asia, such as the grille used in serving food. Ferm Living said: "these designs draw a straight line from the busy street kitchen in the same city as the big cities of Asia.
       该空间配备了许多品牌自己的产品,其中包括最近收藏的一些产品,旨在  传播“北欧颓废”。
      The space is equipped with many brands of its own products, including some of its recent collections, aimed at spreading "Nordic decadence".
      These include rust-colored quilts and dome lights hanging above the table. The charcoal grey curtains completely cover the other side of the wall, matching ferm's black hermann chair. Several clay bowls in their Sekki collection have been scattered throughout the decor.
      One of the biggest challenges for designers is the unusual layout of the restaurant, with several small corners. "We want to emphasize that they create unique corners and special areas in small rooms to meet the needs of different parties and emotions." The brand is explained: "there is a close small table in the day, a big banquet table and a seat in the bar, where you can share experience with other guests, experience the magic of the kitchen."
       一系列黄铜吊坠点缀着大型白色灯泡悬挂在集体餐桌上,而酒吧区则拥有一个黑色凹槽岛台。IBU是过去一年在哥本哈根开设的一系列新餐厅中的最新一家,由Norm Architects设计,配以温暖的调色板,Snøhetta则使用食物风格的调色板设计。
      A series of brass pendants are dotted with large white light bulbs hanging from the communal dining table, while the bar area has a black recessed island. The IBU is the latest in a series of new restaurants opened in Copenhagen in the past year, designed by Norm Architects, with a warm palette, and Sn, hetta, with a food-style palette.


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