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Evgeny Garchu作品 | Optima Modern,温润精致的质感

      Optima Modern Classic 是位于莫斯科的一座公寓,由Evgeny Garchu 设计,空间面积并没有十分的宽敞,设计师巧妙规划功能区,以合理的布局,精致的配饰,沉稳的色彩进行搭配,窗外是繁华喧嚣的街道,室内是静谧与美好的生活。
      Optima Modern Classic is an apartment in Moscow, designed by Evgeny Garchu. The space is not very spacious. The designer cleverly designed the function area to match the rational layout, exquisite accessories and steady colors. The window is bustling Street, the interior is a quiet and beautiful life.        设计师保留了公共区域的开放性,在家具的选择上也以低、矮为主,光线从窗户洒入,不受阻挡的洋溢着每个角落。大量的木质元素透露着温润与质感的气息,设计师遵循着材质本身的色彩,表面的纹理与深浅的变化,显得更加自然。
      Designer to retain the openness of public areas, the choice of furniture is also low, short, light spilled from the windows, unobstructed filled every corner. A large number of wood elements reveal the warmth and texture of the atmosphere, the designer follows the color of the material itself, the surface texture and depth changes, more natural.        长条形的​​木质餐桌可以容纳多人同时用餐,即便朋友来访也不显局促,紧邻窗边的位置让屋主在享用美食的同时,可以欣赏到窗外的美景,绿植、花束,精致的家具,都在让室内变得更加美好。
      Long wooden bar table can accommodate many people dining at the same time, even if friends visit is not obvious, close to the window of the location allows homeowners enjoy the food at the same time, you can enjoy the beauty of the window, green plants, bouquets, fine The furniture, are making the interior become more beautiful.        利用地面材质由木地板到地砖的转变划分功能区,浅绿色与白色的搭配尽显清新与洁净,并与客厅的电视背景墙互相呼应,U型的橱柜确保了足够的储物空间,小巧的吧台增添生活情趣。
      The use of floor material from the floor to floor tile transformation of the division of functional areas, light green and white with full filling fresh and clean, and living room TV backdrop echoed each other, U-type cabinets to ensure adequate storage space, compact Bar to add to the taste of life.       十分低调的军绿色成为了贯穿室内的线索,深与浅的自然变化增添空间的层次感,除了延续的木元素、白色调确保了卧室的温暖与舒适外,新加入的黄铜元素,令室内更加精致、优雅。
      Very low-key military green has become a clues throughout the room, deep and shallow natural changes add space to the sense of hierarchy, in addition to the continuation of the wood elements, white tones to ensure the warmth and comfort of the bedroom, the new addition of brass elements, indoor More refined and elegant.


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