ESNY | 斯德哥尔摩公寓,优雅的现代设计 _ 印际


ESNY | 斯德哥尔摩公寓,优雅的现代设计

      Elegant modern design with beautiful classic features: apartment in Stockholm       如果您喜欢优雅的建筑元素和室内设计中丰富的墙面装饰,那么您一定会喜欢斯德哥尔摩的这间公寓。 与此同时,这里只有经典的基础,而家具和装饰则非常现代和严谨。 这款华丽的极简主义厨房采用黑色和天然石材表面,简直令人惊艳⋯⋯这种设计让您可以欣赏到每一个细节。
     If you like elegant architectural elements and rich wall decor in interior design, then you’ll love this apartment in Stockholm for sure. At the same time, only the basis is classic here, while pieces of furniture and decor are quite modern and strict. And this gorgeous minimalist kitchen in black with natural stone surfaces is simply stunning⋯ This is the kind of design, where you can admire every detail.


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