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Erez Hyatt作品 | Penthouse in Ramat Hasharon

      在第一次与公共空间相遇的过程中,Erez Hyatt意识到空间的数据,空间维度和形态构成了一个既要有想象力,又要敢于创新,又要相互矛盾的挑战。思考造成空间的现实,将模糊其真实的参数。
      In the first encounter with public space, we realized that the spatial data, dimensions and shape of the space pose a challenge that demands not only imagination, daring and originality, but also conflicting and contradictory thinking. Thinking that creates a reality of space that will blur its true data.        面临的挑战是如何设计一个几何形状狭窄而长的相对较小的公共空间(45平方米 - 客厅和厨房),特别是由于其天花板较低(2.58高)。此外,有必要确定岛台的位置,功能空间的节奏和动线的正确性。
      The challenge is how to design a relatively small public space (45 square meters - living room and kitchen) whose geometrical shape is narrow and long, especially due to its low ceiling (2.58 = H). In addition, it was necessary to determine the location of the island, both functional and correct for the rhythm and flow of the harmonic space.        设计师不是“对抗”限制性数据,而是把它们动员起来并将它们包括在内,同时以相对的剂量强调它们并作为杠杆手段。
      Instead of "confronting" the limiting data, we have mobilized and included them while emphasizing and emphasizing them, in relative doses, as leverage devices.        为了有利于光的吸收,设计师把天花最小限度的降低了12cm,其中有一个反复出现连接在厨房和客厅之间的照明条,以及延伸到黑色的木饰面(黑色木厨柜,壁饰,酒冰箱,以及客房的大门)。设计师还在房子的入口处制作了大小不等的灰木墙面,并通向私人空间,创造了房屋设计语言的连续性。
      For this purpose, we lowered the ceiling by 12 cm to a final height of (H = 2.46) in favor of sunken lighting, connecting the kitchen and living room, as well as reflective coverings (black wood in the kitchen cabinets, decorative wall, , And the entrance door to the guest rooms.) We also made a wall cover of gray wood of variable sizes that starts at the entrance to the house and leads to the private space, creating continuity in the design language of the house.        为了赋予天花板光学高度的效果,在公共空间突破和扩大了三个窗户,旨在引入空气,自然光线。
      In order to give the ceiling an effect of optical height, we have breached and enlarged three windows in the public space, which now flows into space, natural light.


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