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Erez Hyatt作品 | Penthouse in Ramat Hasharon,在现代家居生活

       我们被要求设计一个六十多岁的退休夫妇的家,他们独自一人生活在Moshav Beit Zayit。一座红砖屋顶的房子,一层,旧的和被忽视的,从来没有装修过或更新。它的窗户狭窄狭窄,阻挡和防止阳光进入,视野是不可能的。在实践中,有生活在一个家的氛围和自然光线和神奇的景观绿化和外部之间的脱节,就好像它们是两个不同的世界,彼此疏远。
      We were asked to design the home of a retired couple in their late sixties who live alone in Moshav Beit Zayit. A house with a red tiled roof, one level, old and neglected that had never been renovated or renewed. Its windows were small and narrow, blocking and preventing sunlight from entering, and the view was unobtainable. In practice, there was a disconnect between the atmosphere of life inside the house and the natural light and the enchanting and verdant landscape outside, as if these were two separate and alienated worlds.       我们面临的挑战是两个世界结合起来,它们之间的互动,同时提高犹大高地和茂密的森林丰富的壮观各种颜色取决于日和日照时间变化的景观,我们的设计路线的好处。照明的设计考虑了根据日间时间和日光照射的光反射的使用,同时增加了兼容的照明。
      Our challenge was to unite the two worlds, to create reciprocal relationships between them, while raising the landscape of the mountains of Judean mountains and the rich in magnificent green forests, whose colors change according to the time of day and sunlight, in favor of our line of design. The lighting was designed taking into consideration the use of light reflections according to the time of day and day and sunlight, while adding complementary lighting compatible.
      We have chosen a design line that will bring the enchanted landscape into the house, and provide the abundance of natural light outside, to the corners of the house.      为了做到这一点,我们拆除了狭窄的窗户,把它们放大到了最佳的尺寸。房子被设计为现代风格,与在房子和景观,内外墙田园景观配合,将假酒到彼此并彼此都反映,到每一个和谐的空间,这将给居民一个老将,舒适和豪华,坐在园林绿化的愉悦气氛的生活体验,并享受他们之间的对话。
      To do this, we tore up its narrow windows and enlarged them to rich and optimal dimensions. The house is designed in a modern style that blends with the pastoral landscape in a way that houses and views, interior and exterior, will blend into one another and harmonize into one harmonious space that will give its veteran residents a comfortable living experience of luxury and enjoyment. Of the dialogue between them.        另外,和谐的空间是通过结合使用单色的设计线,设计语言的流动性和连续性,使客厅,用餐区和厨房联合成一个和谐的空间。新空间的新分工是基于现有和潜在空间流量的计算,利用现有的和潜在的自然光(在新空间的开放和扩展之后从自然光源),并根据需要添加补充照明设备。
      In addition, the harmonious space was achieved through a design line combining the use of monochromatic colors, flow and continuity of the design language, in a way that the living room, the dining area and the kitchen united into a harmonious space. The new division of the new space was based on the calculation of existing and potential space flow, using the existing and potential natural light (from a natural source after the opening and expansion of the new spaces) and adding complementary lighting fixtures as required.        房子的线条设计是干净和简约,采用现代材料具有的成分,并使用光线和阴影的游戏一起照明的重点分别创建照明氛围,光明,温暖和能量送入太空。灯光游戏加强了整个规划空间,为现代超级房屋提供了一个舒适豪华的家居氛围,感受自然。
      The design line of the house is clean and minimalist, using modern materials from the world of materials, with an emphasis on the use of light and shadow lighting games, which together create light, light, warmth and energy in accordance with space. The lighting games enhanced the entire design space, providing a pleasant and luxurious home atmosphere of a modern super house, with a sense of being in nature.        所选的家具将可靠性和舒适性与功能性和谐融入空间相结合。
      The selected furniture combined reliability and comfort with their functional and harmonious fit into space.
      We created a cohesive mix of modern content that unites the neighborhood and the landscape (a modernist style, on the one hand, with a rustic scent for contemporary comfort). The exterior landscape is present in the home as an integral part of its contents and elements for the well-being of its residents.


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