Erez Hyatt作品 | Penthouse in Raanana,极简主义的住宅的愉悦感 _ 印际


Erez Hyatt作品 | Penthouse in Raanana,极简主义的住宅的愉悦感

       Erez Hyatt最新完成的这个顶层公寓位于以色列的中心区Raanana,建筑面积共320平米,其中阳台面积180平米。
      Erez Hyatt's newly completed penthouse is located in Raanana, the heart of Israel, with a total floor area of 320 square meters, including a balcony area of 180 square meters.        设计将公共空间分为三部分,用均匀的节奏分开。厨房台面,高橱柜和电视墙在空间中以精确的视觉节奏作为缓冲,当灯具也加入节奏时,在公寓里创造一种愉悦的感觉。
      The designer divided the space into three parts, divided by parallel lines and a uniform rhythm. The kitchen countertops, high kitchen cabinets and a TV wall were used as a buffer in a precise visual rhythm in the space, when the lighting fixtures also join the rhythm, creating a pleasurable feeling in the apartment.        设计师把这个空间转变成了一个极简主义的3D雕塑,带有灰白色和黑色的单色调,空间中的所有功能都融合在一起。
      Deigner converted the space into a minimalist 3D sculpture with a monochromatic palette of gray-white and black shades, with all the functions in the space merging and merging harmoniously.


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