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Erez Hyatt作品 | Moshav Aminadav,构筑线条空间感

      Erez Hyatt为一对夫妇和他们的4个孩子设计了这个住宅,Moshav Aminadav有三层,共500平方米,其中包括375平方米兴建面积。
      We went to design a house for couples and their 4 children, Moshav Aminadav sitting on a plot of 500 square meters with 3 floors, with a built area of 375 square meters.        这房子坐落在山坡上,坐拥郁郁葱葱的树木壮观的景色。Erez Hyatt决定设计一个现代,舒适的住宅,为房子的每一个角度引入山区景观。为此,设计师选择了一条设计线,旨在创造干净简约的线条空间感,并在保持功能的同时划分现代超级空间。
      The house is set on a hillside with spectacular views of lush trees. We decided to design a modern, pampering house that brings in the mountainous landscape from every possible point in space. For this purpose, we chose a design line designed to create a sense of space in clean and minimalist lines and to divide modern super space while maintaining the functionality.        对设计材料的选择,设计师结合材料的颜色,质地,几何图形和使用规模。创造性的颜色,空间对比与调和的无限结合。
      In choosing the materials for the home design, we combined a color scheme, types of materials, geometric shapes and use of a recurring motif, creating an unlimited composition of space in contrast of colors, contrast and harmony.


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