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Erez Hyatt 作品| Cube wooden penthouse,木制立方体

      这个顶层公寓被称作是170平方米“木制立方体”。设计师Erez Hyatt选择取消其中一间卧室,从而增加了公共空间,以便增加大量的用餐区域。
      This penthouse is known as a 170 square meter "wooden cube." Designer Erez Hyatt opted to cancel one of the bedrooms, thereby increasing public space in order to increase the number of dining areas.        由于天花较高,墙面的木作造型被作为雕塑。在功能上,它构成了将公共空间与私人空间分开的界限,隐藏了创造亲密和存储的元素。因此,私人空间的门(卧室的门,浴室,房子的前门)被吞没,好像它们不存在一样。
      Due to the high ceilings, the wooden moldings on the walls are used as sculptures. Functionally, it forms the line separating public space from private space, hiding the elements that create intimacy and storage. Therefore, doors to private spaces (doors to bedrooms, bathrooms, front doors to houses) are engulfed as if they did not exist.        作为立方体设计元素的延续,入口墙,装饰电视墙都用白木覆盖。房子的白色墙壁使空间变得柔软,打造一种微妙的平衡。
      As a continuation of the cube design elements, entrance walls, decorative TV walls are covered with white wood. The white walls of the house make the space soft and create a delicate balance.        设计师把这个空间转变成了一个极简主义的3D雕塑,带有灰白色和黑色的单色调,带有棕绿色的色调和黄铜,空间中的所有功能都融合在一起。
      Deigner converted the space into a minimalist 3D sculpture with a monochromatic palette of gray-white and black shades with a brownish-green hue and brass, with all the functions in the space merging and merging harmoniously.


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