Erez Hyatt作品 | Bat Yam Apartment,和谐与功能并存的极简空间。 _ 印际


Erez Hyatt作品 | Bat Yam Apartment,和谐与功能并存的极简空间。

      这个新的奢华公寓位于以色列中西部的Bat Yam,共114平米。通过结合使用单色的设计线,设计语言的流动性和连续性,使客厅,用餐区和厨房联合成一个和谐的空间。
      This new luxury apartment is located in Bat Yam, in the Midwest of Israel, for a total of 114 square meters. The harmonious space was achieved through a design line combining the use of monochromatic colors, flow and continuity of the design language, in a way that the living room, the dining area and the kitchen united into a harmonious space.        对设计材料的选择,设计师结合材料的颜色,质地,几何图形和使用规模。创造性的颜色,空间对比与调和的无限结合。
      In choosing the materials for the home design, we combined a color scheme, types of materials, geometric shapes and use of a recurring motif, creating an unlimited composition of space in contrast of colors, contrast and harmony.


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