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Erez Hyatt作品 | Apartment in Herzliya ,和谐不失功能的设计

      Erez Hyatt被邀请翻新设计一个公寓,这个公寓里有一个客厅和厨房,并且相互开放,空间狭小有限,无法享受亲密和舒适。这个概念是为了创造一个宽敞的客厅空间,舒适厨房的操作空间,同时缓冲他们,并保持他们的空间和功能。
      Erez Hyatt was asked to redesign an apartment where the program presented a living room and kitchen adjacent and open to each other, with a cramped and limited space that prevented the people from enjoying intimacy and comfort. The concept was to create a spacious space of the living room, comfort and work in the kitchen, while buffering them, while at the same time maintaining their space and functionality.        为此,设计将空间分为三部分,用平行线和均匀的节奏分开。厨房台面,高橱柜和电视墙在空间中以精确的视觉节奏作为缓冲,当灯具也加入节奏时,在公寓里创造一种愉悦的感觉。这样我们就达到了和谐,功能的空间。
      To this end, the designer divided the space into three parts, divided by parallel lines and a uniform rhythm. The kitchen countertops, high kitchen cabinets and a TV wall were used as a buffer in a precise visual rhythm in the space, when the lighting fixtures also join the rhythm, creating a pleasurable feeling in the apartment. In this way we have achieved a harmonious and functional space.        橱柜上方的空间提升了空间感。厨房里有一对内置的冰箱,灶具和一个储藏室,另外把餐桌扩大到了六人桌,在空间的另一边设计师创建了一个戏剧性的电视墙,除了摆放一台电视机,还为电视墙增加存储空间,作为满足客户需求的功能解决方案。
      The sense of space was heightened by the space above the kitchen cabinets. The kitchen unit includes a pair of built-in refrigerators, stoves and a storage room, and we have extended the kitchen unit to a table and six chairs Behind it, we created a drama wall on the other side of the space, and we put a TV on the wall across the living room to create a dramatic wall of drama, adding storage blocks to the TV wall as a functional solution to the client's needs.        在客厅里设计了一个带有天鹅绒柔软般镜子的休息区,两把黄铜皮椅和两张不同大小和高度的桌子。
      In the living room designer designed a sitting area with a soft velvety velvet mirror, as well as two brass and leather chairs, and two tables of different sizes and heights.


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