Erez Hyatt作品 | Penthouse in Ramat Hasharon,个优雅豪华的豪华公寓 _ 印际


Erez Hyatt作品 | Penthouse in Ramat Hasharon,个优雅豪华的豪华公寓

      We went to plan a small and neglected apartment and turn it into an elegant and luxurious luxury apartment, in a way that its small dimensions will not be felt. In addition to the relatively small size of the apartment, the edge wall in the space was diagonal. In order to achieve a public space with straight lines and parallel lines, we straightened the edge wall, thus enhancing the geometry. In addition, we placed the island in such a way that the space was opened wide, and thus we incorporated the space of the kitchen and the living room into one space, which we now sought to enlarge.       为此,我们创建了影视剧墙墙开始,延续了厨房,通过颜色的包层Dkton黑色和分区大小各不相同,而反对他,柔软和精致的对话,创建它们之间的对话的一个概念设计的墙般的“容器”。这次对话是通过曝气生物滤池墙面涂成白色,节奏的变化来实现,创建一个立方体相邻的卧室,卧室岸边的墙壁和门沮丧和节奏都是一样的,除其他事项外,“抑制”的大门。像“立方”被用作手段断开阻碍公寓的建筑设计,意味着创建一个新的对象,断开和独立摸着任何空间“幼儿园”的所有定义。
      To this end, we created a drama wall that begins with the TV wall and continues in the kitchen, by means of a black-and-white decontamination of varying sizes and divisions. In contrast, in a soft and refined dialogue, a wall shaped like a "container" creates dialogue between them. The dialogue was achieved by covering the wall with a white-painted fly in a variable rhythm that creates a cube from the adjacent bedroom, with the wall and the bedroom door folded in the same rhythm, among other things, to "hide" the door. The "cube" was used as a means of separating the definition of a "nursery" from the architectural difficulty of designing the apartment, a means that created a new object, detached and seperately separated from the sense of the space.        使用单色覆盖暴露的混凝土墙,水泥地面浇注,“华尔街剧”黑(电视墙)明亮的白色墙壁和客厅的后面,与球迷和轻元素,形成一个有凝聚力的框架,显着的公寓和豪华。不同大小的白色木质墙的概念,创造了帘幕线的连续性,作为另一个方面,质地创造连续性,无论是纺织品还是硬质材料。通过这种方式,能见度持续下去。由于公寓非常黑暗,我们将其放置在照明设备中,从而创建了各种各样的灯光场景。我们用灯条连接起居室和厨房空间。
      Using the monochromatic colors, concrete cladding in bare walls, concrete floor casting, a black "drama wall" (TV wall), the white wall in the back of the living room, with light fan elements, created a dramatic and prestigious frame. The concept of the white wooden wall in varying sizes has created continuity of the curtain line as another facet, in which the texture creates continuity, whether the material is soft textile or hard material. In this way, the visibility continues its continuum. Since the apartment was very dark, we placed it in the lighting and thus created a variety of light scenarios. Using the light strips, we connected the living room with the kitchen space.        这样,我们把这换成一个简单的三维雕塑,在单色的色阶中,在灰白色的黑色光谱中,所有的功能在空间中融合和同化。
      In this way, we converted the not too large space to a minimalist 3D sculpture, in a monochromatic color scale, in a gray-white-black spectrum, with all the functions in space merging and assimilating.


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