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Elicyon作品 | New York City Apartment

       Elicyon为纽约杰出的上东区设计了一个五卧室复式公寓,这个公寓位于一座经典的褐石别墅中。 Elicyon关于曼哈顿房产的定义是重新设计宽敞的内部空间,并为其定制细木工制品,家具和照明设备。
      Elicyon designed the concept for this five-bedroom duplex apartment set in a classic brownstone townhouse on the illustrious Upper East Side of New York City. Elicyon’s brief for the Manhattan property was to redesign the spacious interiors and to source the bespoke fitted joinery, furniture and lighting.
The design was created with a vision to seamlessly marry a monochrome design style with timeless elegance whilst adding a glamorous details and finishes.


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