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Elicyon作品 | Luxury One Hyde Park Residence

       在2015年,Elicyon在骑士桥着名的One Hyde Park大楼中为私人客户完成了这栋壮观的五卧室公寓。引人注目和引人注目的室内设计是豪华现代生活的终极典范。专家使用丰富的材料结合非凡的定制工艺和细节创造了一个真正独特的属性。
      Elicyon completed this spectacular five-bedroom apartment in the renowned One Hyde Park building in Knightsbridge for a private client in 2015. The compelling and dramatic interior design is an example of the ultimate in luxury modern living. The expert use of opulent materials combined with extraordinary bespoke craftsmanship and detailing has created a truly unique property.


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