El Equipo Creativo作品 | Pakta Restaurant,日本小酒馆的建筑紧缩 _ 印际


El Equipo Creativo作品 | Pakta Restaurant,日本小酒馆的建筑紧缩

      The basic elements of the restaurant, such as the bar, kitchen and furniture design, explicitly mention the construction and austerity of traditional Japanese taverns. The explosion of Peruvian colors enveloped this space as if it were a second layer of skin, achieved through direct reference to Peruvian looms.
      At the entrance, the Sake and Pisco Bar serves as a filter between the outside and the inside, and is built by the customer through the three-dimensional wood frame that passes in as a front step of the restaurant.
      The main dining area is a sushi bar. The element that constructively competes with Sake and Pisco Bar is made up of three stones and is very heavy and bright.
      The space at the end of the restaurant is the kitchen. It is designed as a glowing box, suggesting the activities of the chefs.
      Looms around the restaurant pass 3 different cross-sections, plus some vertical sections, changing the hue to create a variable color rhythm.
      与BMLD 照明设计团队合作进行的照明旨在确保主角是餐盘和食物。照明概念:“光与黑的融合与简约 - 色彩的融合”,表现在一些织机的低光照下,创造出节奏与活力。
      The lighting with the BMLD lighting design team is designed to ensure that the protagonist is a plate and food. Lighting concept: "The fusion of light and darkness and simplicity - the fusion of colors", expressed in the low light of some looms, creating rhythm and vitality.


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