El Equipo Creativo作品 | DISFRUTAR RESTAURANT,地中海的区域独特性 _ 印际


El Equipo Creativo作品 | DISFRUTAR RESTAURANT,地中海的区域独特性

      Pottery is touring around the United States, close to what our customers want: natural, humble and respectful of the history and traditions of the Mediterranean. However, in each space, it will become a new material that helps us to give each region its uniqueness.
      The more urbanized references of the visiting areas, such as the Ninotte in the metal structure market, are located on the opposite side of the street and the used ceramics are toned to some extent, almost artistic, and the monochromatic tiled planes surround us like it They are a large "Miró" mural.
       厨房是烤箱,是真实的和隐喻的,是房子所有故事都被烹饪的空间。陶瓷以其最为谦逊和粗糙的形式出现,其原始土色新鲜烘烤的砖块 为客户提供了一个可渗透的极限,并展示了这款烤箱的内部金色和热度。
      The kitchen is the oven. It is real and metaphorical. It is the space where all the stories of the house are cooked. Ceramics are in their most unpretentious and rough form, and their original earth-colored freshly baked bricks provide customers with a permeable limit and demonstrate the gold and heat inside the oven.
       通过厨房的深处,我们到达主餐厅,在视觉上与阳台融为一体,使我们宽敞明亮的空间 ,以解压缩的外观和精神,运送我们出城,到一个环境更自然。在白色包围我们的墙壁,天花板和地板,这是通过一个秩序混乱无聊,就像一个村庄表面地中海它是。
      Through the depths of the kitchen, we arrive at the main restaurant, visually blending in with the balcony, giving us a spacious and bright space, with the uncompressed look and spirit, and transporting us out of the city to a more natural environment. Surrounded by white walls, ceilings and floors, this is boring through a chaotic order, just like the surface of a Mediterranean village it is.
      The boundaries through these holes or window spaces are blurred, and through their color, the Mediterranean Sea always appears as a green shrub, a broom's yellow or blue sky.


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