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El Equipo Creativo作品 | BLUE WAVE,非常奇特的形态

       BLUE WAVE鸡尾酒的地方具有非常奇特的形态。位于水边,它有一个拉长的管形,其较长的立面朝西。它有一个轻的结构,但节奏非常明显,赋予它活力。周围的白色混凝土网格在黄昏时会产生光线和阴影,让人想起水中光线的反射。
      The BLUE WAVE cocktail has a very peculiar form. Located on the water's edge, it has an elongated tube with its long facade facing west. It has a light structure, but the rhythm is very obvious and gives it vitality. The surrounding white concrete grid generates light and shadows at dusk, reminiscent of the reflection of light in the water.
      We consider the wave image inside the building. A wave, before crushing, forms a pipe around you, producing a single space of aquatic dynamics with infinite reflections and nuances. The material and circularity of the vertical wall of water breaks down into other substances, foam. Sunsets break down in golden debris arranged on the water.
      To recreate the feeling of internal waves, we thought of using small reflective elements. We decided to highlight the use of a single material on the floor, walls and ceiling to unify space and enhance the sense of the surroundings. We chose these ceramic works and its relationship with the Mediterranean architecture. The ceramic pieces used were handmade by a company in Barcelona dedicated to this project.
      The range of colors changes from dark blue to white, thus making the concrete grid of the building's curtain wall the crowning touch to the blue space, like a bubble on a wave. The golden elements that appear in space can be reminiscent of the reflection of the sun in the water.
      For this reason, as the terrain, the wood of the sidewalk is stepped on and rises in the reserved area until it becomes a closure towards the road surface. Once the waves have passed, irregularly shaped marble tables appear as pebbles on the beach.


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