El Equipo Creativo作品 | Bellavista del Jardín del Norte,万花丛中 _ 印际


El Equipo Creativo作品 | Bellavista del Jardín del Norte,万花丛中

      Customers want to create a restaurant where diners can sample classic quality snacks in a relaxed and pleasant environment, reinterpreting their feelings at home.
      On the premise of designing for your home away from home, one day, the festive atmosphere of small Spanish towns and the rest of the world because we all have one person. Bellavista's name refers to the restaurant at the end of the large garden, in the Eixample district of a surprising oasis in Barcelona, ​​the restaurant baptized in its vision as if the name of a village was
      Enter the Bella Vista Garden North to welcome you with thousands of flowers hanging from the ceiling, reminding people of the party's floral decorations. You immediately feel transported to your family's village, your summer vacation, which has been recorded in your mind.
      Different elements of the booth form guide you through the space until you reach the large garden at the end of the route. These elements are an abstraction of the town's festive elements: the streets are decorated with flowers and lighted ceilings, accompanied by your visit to the square. So, in the background of the garden, we arrived at the square, which was the last climax of the tour, a clearing under the fireworks.
       In the square, the grand finale was the holiday closing fireworks explosion. The BMLD lighting design combined with the electrified iron structure with LED lights creates a lightweight structure.
      The second floor overlooks both directions and contains the most intimate areas. Here are four different sized rooms reserved, which can be separated by sliding curtains according to the necessary capacity. Due to the external feel of the ground and metal furniture, the open balcony conditions are reinforced, and the reserve is part of the ground floor double room.
       另一方面,活动室接收路灯,尽管它们的曝光是由入口处花朵的茎部筛选出来的。它的墙壁衬有壁纸,重现了外部的花卉精神,同时确保了声音的舒适感。 最后的结果是指熟悉的感觉,在你的夏季聚会上回到村里,在家享受美食。只有这一次它在城市的中心。
      On the other hand, the activity room receives street lights, although their exposure is screened out by the stems of the flowers at the entrance. Its walls are lined with wallpaper to reproduce the external floral spirit while ensuring sound comfort. The final result is a feeling of familiarity, returning to the village at your summer party and enjoying food at home. Only this time it is in the center of the city.


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