El Equipo Creativo作品 | Restaurante Ikibana,组成和平衡的技巧 _ 印际


El Equipo Creativo作品 | Restaurante Ikibana,组成和平衡的技巧

        从一开始创建横向的想法成为了主旋律 的项目,因为大自然是在两种文化中非常重要的元素。
      The idea of creating landscape orientation from the beginning has become the main theme of the project, because nature is a very important element in both cultures.
      In flower arrangement, the traditional Japanese flower art is the name of the restaurant. It is a small static composition that mimics the movement. The proportion, composition and balance of the three main elements are very important: wooden elements, plant elements and flowers or color elements. The design of the restaurant will be based on these principles, trying to create a constantly moving man-made landscape composed of natural and aristocratic materials.
       The restaurant is shown as a zigzag landscape with different program elements or islands. On the one hand, bars and kitchens are distributed at different locations on the site, forming intensity nodes distributed throughout the space. On the other hand, diners sit in colored bowls.
      The space flowing around these islands runs through the entire site, forming an infinite horizon, and activating the site through the tireless route of the waiters displaying the dishes.
      The floral arrangement of these three elements is to elucidate the space: ceiling-like branches, plant appearance and shade of the forest filter inside and out, and finally the light and vision between the explosion of the color of the table.


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