El Equipo Creativo作品 | OneOcean Club Restaurant,永恒的和现代的空间 _ 印际


El Equipo Creativo作品 | OneOcean Club Restaurant,永恒的和现代的空间

      Our customers are looking for a classic restaurant that offers a relaxed atmosphere and offers an advanced menu for international clients. The proposed design attempts to reproduce the Mediterranean atmosphere in space, warm, soft, romantic but far from the cliché of Mediterranean imagination. The result is an eternal and modern space, trying to blur the outdoor terrace with these magnificent views of the OneOcean Harbour.
      The goal of the project is to evaluate the value of the landscape and to surround the customer with the quality of a particular landscape that is positioned on the water. Sitting in the dining room would have to look at the sunset like sitting on the deck of the yacht.
      The building's architecture immediately reminded us of a pavilion, an indoor and outdoor space with only vertical elements, a protective solar grid and the most incredible landscape around us. The verticality of the structure reminds us of the marine mast forest we are trying to reproduce internally.
      By using reflective surfaces on the roof of the restaurant, we mentioned the still water of the harbor and the shell of the ship, and expanded the sense of space as we brought the external landscape into the interior. The importance of these roof elements and the overall atmosphere of the space is inspired by the classic and elegant J-class ships.
      The solar protection in grid form reminds us of the Mediterranean greenhouse, fresh, green and welcome. In our project, terraces are considered Mediterranean greenhouses. Greening plants include climbing plants such as ivy, reconfirming the verticality we are looking for, and referring to the Mediterranean gardens and seaweeds.
      The bathroom invites us to travel through time and the Mediterranean Sea. The old navigation charts, star constellations of stars and Mediterranean culture mythical characters appear on the light lines of the black background, accompany and guide us across the sea, the beginning of a dark and mysterious journey.


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