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El Equipo Creativo作品 | Bala Perdida Club,拱形砖结构建筑

       在马德里的地下室里藏着的巴里奥的Las Letras,今天的交汇点和城市环境的枢纽,在十九世纪的宅邸改建地下场所中,我们发现,就好像它是一个山洞,两座拱形砖结构建筑。
      Barrio's Las Letras, hidden in the basement of Madrid, today's meeting point and the hub of the urban environment, was transformed into a 19th-century mansion and transformed into an underground place. We found it as if it were a cave, two arches. Brick architecture.
       正是在这个充满挑衅和秘密的地方,Bala Perdida俱乐部项目得以开发。它一方面空间的独特设计房屋,地下两层的拱形砖殿,并在另一方面,声明,夜总会是有多功能充当snackeria和一个鸡尾酒吧,这里的变异可能快速,现场将迅速改变,从温暖的氛围转变为黑暗的氛围。
      It was in this place full of challenges and secrets that the Bala Perdida club project was developed. On the one hand it houses the unique design of the space, the underground two-story arched brick hall, and on the other hand, the statement that the nightclub is multifunctional has to serve as a snacker and a cocktail bar, where the variation may be rapid and the scene will quickly change from The warm atmosphere turns into a dark atmosphere.
      The need for such a transformation and the atmosphere of a certain secret have led us to think of this place as a space close to myths and fantasy. We cannot ignore the magic and illusion.


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