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Dubai | 迪拜大都会风格顶级豪宅

      The understanding of the so-called luxury housing is to be big and big, large size, large space, big vision, this project in Dubai to the connotation of luxury homes incisively and vividly!        接待大厅的背景颇具新意,曲面的处理打破了整个空间的调性,使空间更有灵动性。
      The background of the reception hall is quite new, and the treatment of the curved surface breaks the tonality of the entire space and makes the space more agile.        电梯厅的镜面结合金属打造一种奢华感,石材和木饰面的装饰呈现出大都会风格的气息。
      The mirror of the elevator hall combines with the metal to create a sense of luxury, and the stone and wood finishes present a cosmopolitan style.        配套设施一应俱全,水疗区和健身区坐拥迪拜棕榈岛无敌景观。SPA区墙上的孔洞营造出新的光影艺术。
      The facilities are readily available, and the spa and fitness area boasts unrivalled views of Palm Island, Dubai. The holes in the wall of the SPA area create a new light and shadow art.
      The whole residence is dominated by grey tones and incorporates the essence of Italian design. The treatment of stone and wood veneers on the large surface of the walls, together with the utmost details and Italian top-level furniture, highlights the high quality.


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