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Du jour Tamsin Johnson作品 | Rae’s on Watergos酒店

       如果你在过去的几年里一直受到拜伦的影响,那么Rae's on Watergos就一直在你的必做之列。这家酒店位于澳大利亚最东端,最初建于20世纪60年代,在墨尔本的出版商Anthony Catalano购买该物业之后,在2017年重新开业作为一家新的精品酒店之前经历了多次迭代(和业主)。
      If you have been influenced by Byron for the past few years, then Rae's on Watergos has always been your must. Located in the easternmost tip of Australia, this hotel was originally built in the 1960s and after several purchases (and owners) after re-opening in 2017 as a new boutique hotel after the purchase of the property by Melbourne-based publisher Anthony Catalano .
       这家海滨酒店的每个角落都有7间公寓可供选择,由室内设计师du jour Tamsin Johnson精心打造。约翰逊有一个喜欢将优雅与折衷结合在一起的喜鹊,由此产生的酒店是一个不再严肃或简约的空间,而是一个轻松,时尚的环境,适合当地人和游客。无论您是在周六下午闯入斯皮茨和一碗比利时薯条还是入住一周的住宿,Rae's on Watergos都会为您带来谦逊的奢华。
      There are 7 apartments to choose from in every corner of this beachfront hotel, created by interior designer du jour Tamsin Johnson. Johnson has a magpie that likes to combine elegance and eclecticism. The resulting hotel is a space that is no longer serious or simple, but a relaxed, relaxed and stylish environment for locals and tourists. Whether you break into Spitz and a bowl of Belgian fries on Saturday afternoons or stay for a week, Rae's on Watergos brings you humility.
       从您进入郁郁葱葱的绿树成荫车道的那一刻起,Rae's的重新发明就显而易见了。约翰逊的设计取消了过时的摩洛哥和印度尼西亚口音,转而采用更加夸张,轻盈的现代元素,如石灰华地板和木材装饰。新的颜色,艺术品和纹理为整个酒店,餐厅和水疗中心增添了个性。当地的名字展示了Steven Clark(又名Den Holm)引人注目的雕塑和家具以及Caroline Walls和拜伦的Todd Hunter的作品,以及Anna Charlesworth的壁灯。餐厅拥有最受欢迎的Lucy Folk餐厅的柔软床单,而简约的白色亚麻布则在客房内散发着轻松的奢华感。
      From the moment you enter the lush tree-lined driveway, Rae's reinvention is obvious. Johnson's design removed the outdated Moroccan and Indonesian accents and turned to more exaggerated, lighter modern elements such as travertine floors and wood trim. New colors, artwork and textures add personality to the entire hotel, restaurant and spa. The local name shows the striking sculptures and furniture of Steven Clark (aka Den Holm) and the work of Caroline Walls and Byron's Todd Hunter, as well as the walllights of Anna Charlesworth. The restaurant has soft linens from the most popular Lucy Folk restaurant, while the minimalist white linen exudes a relaxed sense of luxury in the rooms.
       更新的内饰不仅体现了清新的审美,而且比之前的酒店迭代更具个性和魅力。它的设计相当于汤姆柯林斯:清新,强烈,有点甜 - 这是在亚热带宁静中度过的慵懒日子和温暖夜晚的完美背景。
      The updated interior not only reflects the fresh aesthetic, but also has more personality and charm than the previous hotel iteration. Its design is equivalent to Tom Collins: fresh, strong, a bit sweet - this is the perfect backdrop for lazy days and warm nights spent in subtropical tranquility.
       酒店的复兴不仅限于视觉效果,还拥有由总经理Francesca Webster领导的广泛(和豪华)客户体验。之前曾为Park Hyatt和Halcyon House带来过客户体验,Francesca和她的团队了解今天的旅行者期望更多 - 而住在Rae's给他们带来精致奢华的精品酒店,具有更小,更亲密的个性和个性合资企业。
      The hotel's revival is not limited to visual effects, but also has a broad (and luxurious) customer experience led by General Manager Francesca Webster. Previously, she brought a customer experience to Park Hyatt and Halcyon House, and Francesca and her team know more about today's traveler expectations - and live in Rae's boutique hotels that offer exquisite luxury with smaller, more intimate personality And a joint venture.
      If the interior celebrates the local beach culture through contemporary eclecticism, the customer experience in the space is very well matched, offering surfboards, beach towels and beach chairs, and a playful Lucy folk design uniform for the staff. Until the front coffee cart to the internal yoga teacher, every detail is included to clearly understand Rae's personality and experience.
       在6月关闭以进一步改善餐厅和水疗中心以及酒店的一些新增功能后,Rae's on Watergos将于7月恢复活力。谁说你需要前往世界的另一边去享受一年中的海滨度假?天堂距离酒店仅有几个小时的路程。
      After closing in June to further improve the restaurant and spa as well as some of the hotel's new features, Rae's on Watergos will rejuvenate in July. Who said that you need to travel to the other side of the world to enjoy a year-end beach holiday? Paradise is just a few hours away from the hotel.


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