Drake Anderson 新作 :现代主义美学的完美呈现 _ 印际


Drake Anderson 新作 :现代主义美学的完美呈现

        杰米·德雷克(Jamie Drake)设计的最新超豪华公寓位于曼哈顿中心,可俯瞰中央公园。 Drake因为前市长布隆伯格(Bloomberg)的工作而闻名,
        In a soaring pied-a-terre overlooking central park in Manhattan is Jamie Drake’s latest ultra-luxurious commission. Drake, best known for his work with former Mayor Bloomberg – the grand limestone New York home.

        This Residential classically styled and traditional – here a base of quality materials and finishes underpins what is essentially a modernist aesthetic.

        在客厅里,神话般的镜像椅子是 Julian Mayor设计的,还有是塞巴斯蒂安·赫克纳(Sebastian Herkner)设计的桌子,以及Serge Mouille的落地灯。一个现代主义的主题,创造出一个折衷的小插曲。
        In the living room, the fabulous mirrored chair is by Julian Mayor and adds notes of brutalism, the side table is by Sebastian Herkner, and the Serge Mouille floor lamp – a modernist staple, create an eclectic vignette.
        房主提供了很少的意见,除了想要一个中性调色板的黑色,白色和灰色; 可以理解为没有什么可以阻挡无与伦比的天际线景观。 这基本上是 Drake设计的宗旨 - 在这些边界内,他创造了一个真正前瞻性的内部,一个藏在人造世界和自然谎言下面的杰作。
        The homeowners offered few parameters beyond wanting a neutral palette of black, white, and gray; they understandably requested that nothing should distract from the incomparable skyline views. This was basically the end of the brief for Drake – within those boundaries he has created a truly forward looking interior, one which responds to the man-made world and nature that lies stores below.


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