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DOMANI东仓建设作品 | China flagship,中國旗舰WOMAN’S HEAD与四色猜想

      We need to describe the 1WOR brand's two basic orientations (global designer brand buyers, light luxury) on a basis of not a good quality of space base and precision and cost, and make space enough to carry a series of product display and related functions.
      This is a fashion business platform that links the global fashion designer with the Greater China market. In addition to the observation and interest in emerging fashion business models, our ambition is to make space accurately encompass the eyes of urban trendy men and women. They are such a group of people: contradictions, strong spending power, weak choice ability, emotional, indifferent to rituals, keen sense, self-centered people who need to be corroborated in life, and the courage to find beautiful warriors.
      Then, aside from the two-dimensional display logic of traditional commercial planes, we returned to this intriguingly eccentric space based on the outline of the space itself as the basis for the design and the space leads from the folds. New two-dimensional sequence.
      From this group sequence, four-dimensional extension of space is performed, combined with four-color maps and color extraction and material decomposition by a device, completing a seemingly 'inspired' space design under a completely logically extended creative method. .
      Part of the wall surface is extended to the ground and ceiling through color correlation. The body blocks formed are also broken through each other. The mirror surface represents the disappearance. The sky that is pulled by the shelves locally forms a top view of the shelf and space through the mirror mapping. The control that can be controlled, the organization that can be organized, the uncontrollable and organized parts that allow its free existence may be the most reasonable treatment.
      Shelves and main props are firm orthographic geometries, made up of circular rectangles and lines, but their organization is slightly sloppy and oblique, and the indecipherable locker is a bit skeptical. At one time I was happy to be immersed in this logically clear composition.


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