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Didier Gomez 作品 | 私人公寓,艺术公寓的当代形式

      这个巴黎寓所是设计师Didier Gomez的住所,位于Marais.Located的心脏,在一个17世纪的历史悠久的建筑里。
      This Parisian home is the residence of designer Didier Gomez, in the heart of the Marais.Located in a historic 17th-century building.        Didier Gomez也未曾想到通过颜色来区分和谐当代居住和形式。直到发现被遗忘在诺曼底20多年的抽象绘画艺术作品,公寓重新??设计的想法被点燃。
      Didier Gomez also never imagined distinguishing harmonious contemporary living and forms by color. The idea of a redesigned apartment was lit up until it was discovered that abstract painting was forgotten in Normandy for more than 20 years.        公寓190平方米,位于十八世纪的建筑底层,配有设计家具和更多古典家具,艺术品和民族元素。我其中包括:皮埃尔·保林带来的丝带扶手椅,哈里·贝托里亚钻石椅,埃罗·沙里宁的大理石顶端郁金香桌子和四把潘通椅子.
      Located on the ground floor of an 18th-century building, the 190 m2 apartment features designer furniture and more classic furniture, artwork and ethnic elements. I include ribbon armchairs brought by Pierre Paulin, the Harry Bertoia Diamond Chair, the marble top Tulip table by Eero Saarinen, And four Pantone chairs.        挂在墙上的画作是维克多·瓦萨雷利,唐纳德·贾德和塞勒姆布利等艺术家的作品。
      Paintings hanging on the wall are by artists such as Victor Vasarely, Donald Judd and Cy Twombly.


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