Desjeaux Delaye作品 | 怀旧酒店,巴黎精致怀旧的神秘感 _ 印际


Desjeaux Delaye作品 | 怀旧酒店,巴黎精致怀旧的神秘感

       Desjeux Delaye是法国创意设计领先的工作室。通过巴黎别致的精神,法国人的触感,把它们彼此的才华和创造力都推到了极致。
      Desjeux Delaye is the leading studio for French creative design. Through the chic spirit of Paris, the French touch, pushing their talents and creativity to the extreme.            Belleville的新酒店La Planque Hotel利用了巴黎第10区的多元活力,将新旧巴黎融合在了一起。这家酒店位于Parmentier大道后方,曾是一家糖果店和一座公寓楼。
      Tapping into the diverse energy of the city’s 10th arrondissement, Belleville’s new bolthole La Planque Hotel brings together the old and new Paris in a former sweet shop and apartment block just behind Avenue Parmentier.         Desjeaux Delaye始终秉承酒店的初衷,将建筑改造成一个温馨而朴素的酒店。La Planque酒店与周围的环境相映成趣,从当地跳蚤市场收集的一系列折衷的古董家具,背景是彩色的古董镜子和个人照片。在迷人的图书馆里,书籍和发现的物品争夺着空间,虽然里面的墙壁保留着它们的古色古香,但玫瑰粉色的露台外,给这个时代的风格增添了一些乐趣和现代感。
      Imagined by design agency Desjeaux Delaye have stayed true to the hotel’s origins, transforming the building into a homely and intimate guesthouse. Mirroring the surrounding quarter, La Planque features an eclectic array of vintage furniture, gathered from local flea markets and set to a backdrop of stained antique mirrors and personal photographs. Books and found objects jostle for space in the charming library, and while the walls inside retain their aged patina, outside the rose pink terrace adds a touch of fun and modernity to the period style.  
      The original staircase, now restored to its former glory, leads up to the hotel’s 36 bedrooms. Stamping their signature masculine style onto the project Delaye and Desjeux have played around with sombre shades of deep fir, khaki green, grey, and rust orange. The curved lines of the bureaus and velvet-clad headboards nod to art deco, while wall phones and retro-inspired light fittings, designed by the duo, add the finishing touch of sophisticated nostalgia.


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