YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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André Fu Studio

My personal design ethos is deeply rooted in the world of relaxed luxury, my ability to craft compelling settings that embrace and reflect harmony, beauty and warmth, and which are imbued with understated sophistication.

André Fu Studio is an internationally acclaimed design studio in Hong Kong, founded by interior architect André Fu. With an extensive portfolio of projects throughout Asia and Europe, the studio has revolutionized the concept of modern luxury with a series of projects that reflect Fu’s signature artistic perspective and timeless sensibility.

André Fu was born in Hong Kong. At the age of 14, he traveled to study in the UK and graduated from Cambridge University in 2000. In the same year, Andre Fu founded the AFSO Design Office in London and returned to Hong Kong in 2004. Since then, its design firm has created a series of world-famous, resorted to aesthetic design work.

Its unique indoor architectural style, combined with the rigorous pursuit of Asian aesthetics, a clear space planning and integration of everyday details into them. His design philosophy is to make good use of space, through a unique interpretation of the design thinking, evolved into a highly emotional and dexterous work.

A trained architect, Fu’s projects span scales and typologies, continuously bridging the gap between cultures, and drawing as naturally on European principles of beauty as from Oriental qualities, traditions and modernity.  He has designed interiors for major hotels and restaurants around the world including Villa La Coste in Provence, Hong Kong’s Upper House Hotel and the St Regis, Hotel The Mitsui Kyoto, as well as Waldorf Astoria Bangkok.  

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    Design Works

    • Flat C

      André Fu has an inclination towards interlacing his designs with quality of locality. For him, Investing the regional and cultural peculiarities with the design, which is a process of refinement, and redefinition as well. The city is alive, so designs.  
    • André Fu Living 2022

      André Fu Living’s second standalone retail boutique will unveil at Elements this November. T
    • Knightsbridge Pavilion Penthouse

      The Knightsbridge Pavilion Penthouse is the fourth super-suite that Fu has created for the hotel, marking a newest addition to his longstanding.
    • Maybourne Riviera Hotel

      Renowned architect André Fu was invited by Maybourne Riviera to design a floor of the hotel to be dedicated to wellness and wellbeing.
    • Hong Kong Palace Museum

      The inspiration behind André’s artisan works comes from his personal desire to create a cross-cultural dialogue initiated by the museum, articulating the historical and artistic exchanges that comprise the institution.
    • The Upper House Salisterra Restaurant

      Crowning the top floor of The Upper House with panoramic views of Victoria Harbour.
    • André Fu's Home

      Andre Fu stripped the original interior of the apartment, removing the walls between the kitchen, the entrance and what is now the study.
    • Louise HK Restaurant

      Located in the heart of Hong Kong, JIA Group's newest restaurant, Louise, is headed by One of Asia's best chefs, Julien Royer.
    • AFL Flagship Boutique 2021

      Inspired by the Zen temple in Kyoto, Ginkaku-ji, visitors to the flagship will experience the spirit of traditional Kyoto houses, reimagined in a contemporary context.
    • The Berkeley Pavilion Suites

      With two extraordinary glass house suites, exuding modern luxury, he experimented with textures and colours to create hallowed places of serenity and comfort.
    • André Fu Living

      Unlike their predecessors, the current generation is living in a digital age constantly interrupted by social media.
    • Estro Restaurant

      The interior draws inspiration from Antimo’s homeland, encapsulating the colours, character and styling of a luxury salotto in Napoli’s old town.
    • Capella Hotel Singapore

      André Fu used dramatic elements in the design of the project, however, the feeling is so soft.
    • Estate House

      His work draws as naturally on European principles of beauty as from Eastern qualities, traditions and modernity.
    • The Maybourne Bar

      André Fu Studio’s latest project, and his first hospitality project in the USA.
    • André Fu Living 2021

      André Fu reveals the synergy between two visually contrasting concepts. Through deconstruction and re-imagination, AndreFu Living's theme for 2021 is "Art Deco Garden".
    • The Upper House André Fu Suite

      The suite’s design is a testament to the sensibilities of its designer and his ability to bring a calm simplicity into interior spaces.
    • Hotel Mitsui Kyoto

      Kyoto is a city with a long history, well preserved at a particular time and place, yet with a distinct modernity.
    • 53 West 53 Showroom

      At 82 stories and 505,000 square feet, 53W53 is a 1,050-foot-high tower adjacent to the Museum of Modern Art in Midtown Manhattan.
    • The First St. Regis hotel in Hong Kong

      Designed byrenowned architect André Fu, the new luxury hotel will blend architecture,creativity, elegance and cultural diversity in one beautiful package. The25-story St.
    • Villa La Coste

      Located in the historic town of Aix en Provence, in the heart of the Provence region, in the heart of the Château La Coste vineyards, Villa La Coste is the perfect expression of art, architecture and natural beauty.
    • Waldorf Astoria Bangkok

      Located on Magnolias Ratchadamri Boulevard, the Waldorf Astoria Bangkok is the first Waldorf hotel in Southeast Asia. Built by MQDC, one of the most trusted developers in Thailand.
    • Andaz Singapore Hotel

      Inspired by local specialties, Andre Fu, a renowned designer, AFSO, is dedicated to transforming the hotel into a modern cultural discovery that embraces Singapore's urban spirit.
    • COS Hong Kong 2015

      André Fu used a large piece of glass to create a zen-like "Modern Asian" space, which is a very different atmosphere from the busy land and sea transfer station.
    • Opus Suite

      Andre's concept was to create true living Spaces -- architecturally styled and decorated with simple and beautiful details -- which meant that Opus Suites would offer the best luxury experience for travelers worldwide.
    • The Upper House

      If you expect the Upper House to be as graceful as the peninsula and Mandarin Oriental, it may not be the same style, but it will not let you down. "There is a tranquility here."