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Desai Chia Architects作品 | Montauk House酒店,外观美感展现当代风格

      美国工作室Desai Chia Architects在长岛尖端完成了一个度假屋,该住宅位于蒙托克(Montauk),这是一个位于汉普顿(Hamptons)东部的海滨村庄。夏季住宅有两层楼和一个地下室,是为一个有两个孩子的家庭而建的。
      The American studio Desai Chia Architects completed a holiday home at the tip of Long Island, located in Montauk, a seaside village in the east of Hamptons. The summer home has two floors and a basement, built for a family with two children.        “这所房子的设计旨在促进家庭互动,在室内和室外活动之间轻松流动,并在家庭的大部分区域内清晰视线,”Desai Chia Architects在项目描述中表示。
      “The house is designed to promote family interaction, easy to move between indoor and outdoor activities, and to be clearly visible in most areas of the home,” Desai Chia Architects is indicated in the project description.       在平面图中呈L字形,房屋由两条安静街道拐角处的小块设置的直线体积组成。在夏季,坚固的橡树有助于提供遮荫和隐私。
      It is L-shaped in plan view and the house consists of a linear volume set by small blocks at the corners of two quiet streets. In the summer, a strong oak tree helps provide shade and privacy.       外墙由外露的混凝土和木材组成,使用古老的日本技术烧焦,这有助于使木材耐腐烂和虫子。外观美感旨在展现当代风格,同时也从该地区的设计传统中汲取灵感。
      The façade consists of exposed concrete and wood, charred using ancient Japanese techniques, which helps to make the wood resistant to decay and insects. The aesthetic is designed to showcase contemporary style while also drawing inspiration from the design traditions of the region.        “该木材颜色和纹理参考白话Montauk建筑,同时表达一个标志性,清晰,现代的形式”,屋内设有流畅的布局和落地窗。起居,用餐和烹饪区位于楼上,与带玻璃栏杆的长露台相结合。
      “The wood color and texture refer to the vernacular Montauk building, while expressing a signature, clear, modern form” with a smooth layout and floor-to-ceiling windows. The living, dining and cooking areas are located upstairs and are combined with a long terrace with glass railings.        上层还包含一个主人套房和一对研究,每个父母一个。露台位于两个办公室外,为阅读和工作提供了户外空间。一楼设有家庭活动室,三间卧室和一个单车库。家庭间与花园露台相连,为户外活动提供了另一个机会。
      The upper level also contains a master suite and a pair of study, one for each parent. The terrace is located outside the two offices and provides an outdoor space for reading and working. On the first floor there is a family room, three bedrooms and a single garage. The family room is connected to the garden terrace and offers another opportunity for outdoor activities.        客房拥有中性色调和朴实的材料。外部烧焦的木材继续在室内,框架在楼上的生活空间,并从楼梯层叠到家庭活动室。
      The rooms have neutral tones and earthy materials. The external charred wood continues indoors, framed upstairs in the living space, and cascaded from the stairs to the family room.        大屋顶突出部分有助于减少太阳能热量的增加,而充足的玻璃则带来自然光。此外,屋顶隐藏了一个光伏阵列,在停电期间可以产生足够的储存电力来运行整个家庭。
      Large roof highlights help reduce solar heat gain, while plenty of glass gives natural light. In addition, the roof hides a photovoltaic array that generates enough stored power to run the entire home during a power outage.       Desai Chia Architects由Arjun Desai和Katherine Chia于1996年创立。该工作室的其他住宅项目包括密歇根湖房屋,黑色的木墙和悬臂式屋顶,以及位于纽约州北部的玻璃箱。
      Desai Chia Architects was founded in 1996 by Arjun Desai and Katherine Chia. Other residential projects in the studio include Lake Michigan homes, black wood walls and cantilevered roofs, and glass boxes in northern New York.


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