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Dariel Studio作品 | 巴黎浮生,Boulevard Morlan大道公寓

       Thomas Dariel回到了故乡巴黎,一片被艺术与文化灌溉滋润的土壤,在它的中心位置——巴黎四区穆赫兰大道--来实现第一个在法国的住宅项目。
       Thomas Dariel has chosen Paris, city of art and culture to realise its first French residential project. Located in the heart of the capital in the 4th district Boulevard Morlan.        作为Dariel Studio的创始人和首席设计师,Thomas Dariel在巴黎优雅精致的基调上,添加了他个人嬉闹玩乐的超现实注脚。在这个空白空间中自由的发挥想象力,创造力,同时又兼顾了业主的期待:在文化底蕴深厚的巴黎拥有一片属于自己的如蚕茧般舒适安全的落脚之地。
       Thomas Dariel, the studio’s founder and leading designer has created a universe around the Parisian elegance and grace while adding a touch of surrealism, playfulness and joy. This apartment was initially empty and white. He was then able to give free rein to his imagination and creativity while respecting the expectations of his clients: a home base where they could feel at ease in a family-like cocoon yet reflecting the rich cultural environment of Paris.


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