Daniel Hopwood作品 | The Rovers Return,叶落归根 _ 印际


Daniel Hopwood作品 | The Rovers Return,叶落归根

       在远东生活了多年之后,我们的客户退休了,回到了伦敦。找到Daniel Hopwood 说他们想要一个易于管理、舒适、感觉时尚和新颖的底座,也是他们收藏艺术品的好背景。
      After many years of living in the Far East, our customers retired and returned to London. Finding Daniel Hopwood said they wanted a manageable, comfortable, stylish and novel base, which is also a good background for their collection of works of art.
      I split my apartment into an empty shell so as to create a new layout to reflect their new way of life. I persuaded them not to go to second bedrooms, but to make room for themselves. Each bathroom had a spacious storage space and a large living room with a dining room and kitchen diner. I managed to pull the bed forward and put a low wall behind.
      In order to keep the original feeling, the ceiling is only lowered in the middle to accommodate air conditioning and lighting and make the room feel a little more comfortable by adjusting the proportion.


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