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Daniel Hopwood作品 | Style And Substance,预算无上限的顶级住宅

      Daniel Hopwood有一次极偶然的案例,事实上唯有一次有一个客户找到我们,他的预算没有上限,他拥有大量的艺术藏品。我们协作的成果就在这里。我们把这个梦幻般的西南伦敦房产打造成一个实用的居所,拥有充足的空间,既能正式接待宾客又能为亲友小聚所用。我们充分发挥,新旧混搭,既有易趣上淘到的宝贝又有精美的古董,我们还完成了家具定制,它的价格真没有你们想象的那么贵。
      Daniel Hopwood had a very random case, in fact only once has a client landed at our door who has no budget constraints and a great art collection. Here is the result of our collaboration. For this fantastic South-West London property, we created a practical family home with plenty of space for entertaining both formally or for just hanging out. We had fun mixing old and new, eBay and fine antiques, we also created some bespoke pieces which turned out to be not as expensive as you think.


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