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Daniel Hopwood作品 | Sound and Vision,声音与视觉

        当一对以伦敦为第二故乡、四海为家、都市化的夫妇决定购买一套全新的公寓,除了一栋能360°俯瞰伦敦全景的新高层,Daniel Hopwood别的房子哪能入他们的法眼!
      When a couple decided to buy a new apartment with London's second home, a four sea home, and a urbanized couple, Daniel Hopwood said that other houses could get into their French eyes in addition to a new high-rise with a 360 - degree view of the panorama of London!
      It occupies an entire floor, enabling them not only to live their lives comfortably, but also to have an opportunity to pursue their individual interests. Each has a room that they can call their own. His is dedicated to sound in its most sumptuous form, music.
      He required ample storage for his guitar and record collection, as well as an opportunity to show off some of them. He also wanted a space where he could happily strum away, whilst gazing out to the sunset. She too has a passion, a visual one; fashion. For her, we created a room where she could hang out with the girls, try on new things and not have to rush too quickly to get ready for an evening out.


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