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Daniel Hopwood作品| Night and day,夜与日

       Daniel Hopwood受一个位于柏孟塞的美国小伙子之托,他想要为自己在伦敦的顶层公寓打造出一个极致酷炫的室内设计。没有任何限制,于是我在这个项目上好好的发挥了一把。
      Daniel Hopwood is supported by a young American in Bermondsey who wants to create an extremely cool interior design for his penthouse in London. There are no restrictions, so I played well on this project.       这款设计的关键就在于反差,粗糙与光滑、旧与新、夜与日。抛光钢天花板面板映射出原木餐桌,用脚手架木板制成的吧台,紧挨着就是一个屋内设计的使用新鲜有趣的材料和悬臂板定制的厨房。
      The key to this design is contrast, rough and smooth, old and new, night and day. Polished steel ceiling panels map out the log tables, and the bar table is made of scaffolding wood, next to a custom-designed kitchen using fresh and interesting materials and cantilever plates.         然而我最喜欢的还是那把宽敞舒适的法国扶手椅,配有超赞的织物,最适合于周日懒懒的躺着读读报纸。
     However, my favorite is the spacious and comfortable French armchair with a superb fabric. It is best suited for reading newspapers lying lazy on Sundays.


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