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Daniel Hopwood作品|Happy Home,乔治王时代晚期风格

       乔治王时代晚期风格的房子对于Daniel Hopwood而言永远是一个诱惑,而这次的诱惑之大足以让我们工作室为了它穿越一座城市。三层楼都是高天花板,漂亮匀称的房间,这次无需化腐朽为神奇了。
       The house of late Georgian style is always a temptation for Daniel Hopwood, and the temptation of this time is enough for our studio to cross a city for it. The three floors are high ceilings, beautifully proportioned rooms, and this time it's not magical.

      This house has a new angle though, as it was bought by a young French couple and we wanted their home to reflect both of them without looking like some cliché.
      The budget was generous but the house is large and so much care was taken in spending it well to achieve a lived in home. Sourcing from markets, trawling eBay, making our own art, updating an existing kitchen a little bit of up-cycling but also building bespoke pieces and only buying the best.


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