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Daniel Hopwood作品 | Glamour’s Back!,魅力回归!

      一对年轻夫妇靠近他们最近购买的BIG大厦,他们几乎不知道,Daniel Hopwood即将扭转他们的世界,平面上。厨房潜伏在一条黑暗的走廊尽头,离客厅有几英里远,这是典型的大厦街区。
      young couple approached their recently purchased BIG building.They hardly know that Daniel Hopwood is about to turn their world around. The kitchen lurks at the end of a dark corridor, several miles from the living room, which is a typical building block.        我们把它移到前面,主卧室代替了茂盛的花园。我们开进了新的高门,在房间之间创造了更多的流动,挤进了大量的储藏室。
      We moved it to the front, and the master bedroom took the place of the luxuriant garden. We entered the new high gate, creating more flows between the rooms and squeezed into a large number of storeroom.       客户夫人要求一个迷人的浴室,我们做到了,我们还设法为他创造了第二个浴室。
      The customer's wife asked for a charming bathroom. We did it, and we managed to create second bathrooms for him.
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