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Daniel Hopwood作品 | Complicity,同谋

       一提到室内装饰,很多人都会畏惧图案和颜色。Daniel Hopwood 至今也没搞明白为什么这次的效果会如此之好,看起来那么时尚。
      When it comes to interior decoration most fear pattern and colour. Daniel Hopwood  have never understood why especially when the results can be so effective and stylish.          你们可以想象当我遇到一个客户,他想把自己新开发的公寓变成一处更有个性和趣味的居所,我会有多么兴奋。我找到了“同谋”!
       You can imagine then how thrilled I was when I met a client who wanted to turn his newly developed apartment into something more individual and fun.        之后在做项目时我听说别的室内设计师拒绝接手这个项目是因为嫌它小了。可对于我们工作室来说,预算紧张就意味着我们有机会做出更富创意的作品,而非仅仅依赖于昂贵的产品。这种创造力的关键是什么?你们猜对了,就是玩转图案和颜色。
      I had found an accomplice! I heard later during the project that other interior designers had turned the project down for not being big enough. A tight budget in our studio is an opportunity to be even more creative rather than just relying on expensive products. The key to that creativity? Yes you’ve guessed it, being playful with pattern colour.




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