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Daniel Hopwood作品| Bachelor Pad,单身生活中最闪亮的回忆

      Daniel Hopwood在新挖出的地下室里为两兄弟打造了一个独立公寓。这里空间巨大、很有挑战性,我们将其分割为两个卧室、两个浴室、一个大的带厨房的聚会屋,以及一个带阳台的封闭式电影院。
      Daniel Hopwood created an independent apartment for the two brothers in the newly dug out basement. The space is huge and challenging. We divide it into two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large party room with a kitchen, and a closed cinema with a balcony.        所有的细木工,包括厨房都由我们亲手完成,完全为我们的客户量身打造:开派对!最终我们设计了一个“暗沉”计划,配以色彩鲜艳的斑点,使用极其耐用的材料,没有什么能打得破它,即使那些高抛光漆表面其实也都是特种丙烯酸,可再抛光,设计师在装饰中融入了两兄弟祖上传下的物件和一些二十世纪的代表性物品。
      All joinery including the kitchen was created by us at a fraction of the cost of Wigmore Street and tailored specifically to our clients’ needs. The need to party! Consequently we created a dark and moody scheme with bright splashes of colour, using durable material nothing can break, even those highly polished lacquer surfaces which are, in fact, a special acrylic that can be re-polished. Character has been added by blending some family hand me downs and twentieth century vintage.      简洁最美,而最美的有可能也是昂贵的。不过毫无疑问的是,这套公寓必将成为两兄弟单身生活中最闪亮的回忆。
     The brief was for the best and the best can be expensive but there is no doubt the apartment will keep on shining throughout the boys’ bachelorhood.


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