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COCO republic作品 | Sydney East Residence,宽敞而优雅的豪宅

       Coco Republic室内设计将家庭住宅变成了一个永恒的豪宅。凭借高端的汉普顿简介,设计团队制作了一个优雅的新厨房,浴室和卧室,并在整个家中选择了所有饰面,墙面护理和细木工。
      The Coco Republic interior design transforms family homes into an eternal mansion. With a high-end Hampton profile, the design team created an elegant new kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, and selected all finishes, wall treatments and joinery throughout the home.
       设计师创造了一个美丽的主人套房,配上他和她的套间,并穿着衣柜走走。Coco Republic系列产品采用定制和采购的配件搭配,营造出宽敞而优雅的豪华家庭避难所空间。
      The designer created a beautiful master suite, matched with his and her suites, and walked away in a wardrobe. The Coco Republic line uses custom and purchased accessories to create a spacious and elegant luxury home refuge space.


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