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COCO republic作品 | Surrey Hills Residence,特色的传统建筑

       Coco Republic为墨尔本萨里山的五口之家建造了一座美丽的住宅。 室内设计旨在补充家居特色和传统建筑,并且贯穿整个关键时期特色。
      Coco Republic built a beautiful home for the family of five in Surry Hills, Melbourne. The interior design is designed to complement home features and traditional architecture, and features throughout the key period.
       设计师在项目范围内增加了经典优雅感,包括窗帘,艺术品,所有家具以及一些装饰和调色板选择。 调色板基本上是单色的,在选定的艺术品和配件中保留了传统风格的柔和色彩。
       The designer adds classic elegance to the project, including curtains, artwork, all furniture, and some decorative and palette options. The palette is basically monochromatic, retaining traditional pastel colors in selected artwork and accessories.


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