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COCO republic作品 | Palm Beach House,棕榈海滩别墅

       Coco Republic为坐落在悉尼北部海滩的棕榈滩的一个光线充足的家庭制作了一个新的家具摆设。这间度假屋最近由四口之家购买,散发着休闲,沿海优雅,配有全新家具和家居用品。
       Coco Republic produced a new piece of furniture for a well-lit family in Palm Beach on the northern beach of Sydney. Recently purchased by a family of four, this holiday home exudes a casual, elegant coastal setting with new furniture and home furnishings.
        设计师与客户合作选择Coco Republic系列中的关键部件,并将这些部件翻译成整个家庭令人叹为观止的内饰。原木与纯亚麻布和剑麻地毯保持平衡,以增强自然环境。
       Designers work with customers to select key components in the Coco Republic series and translate these components into stunning interiors throughout the home. The logs are balanced with pure linen and sisal carpets to enhance the natural environment.


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