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COCO republic作品 | Harbourfront Balmain,现代而永恒的住宅

       开发商TOGA集团将Balmain海滨新建的公寓改造成Harbourfront Balmain 现代而永恒的住宅。提升典型澳大利亚室内户外生活方式,室内设计和阳台空间的风格为潜在买家提供豪华和诱人的避难所。
      The developer TOGA Group has transformed the newly built apartment on Balmain's waterfront into a modern and timeless home on the H arbourfront Balmain. To enhance the typical Australian indoor and outdoor lifestyle, the style of interior design and balcony space provides potential buyers with luxurious and tempting refuge.
       主要选择包括生活空间中的Oly Anders椅子和Adeline鸡尾酒桌以及用餐区的Melrose餐椅和Montara圆形餐桌。扩大到俯瞰悉尼港的室外阳台,坚固的柚木圣约瑟夫室外餐椅与乔治敦室外餐桌相结合。
      The main choices include the Oly Anders chair and Adeline cocktail table in the living space, the Melrose dining chair in the dining area and the Montara round dining table. Expanding to an outdoor balcony overlooking Sydney Harbour, the sturdy teak St. Joseph outdoor dining chair is combined with the Georgetown outdoor dining table.
       增加雕塑和视觉兴趣,Jonathan Adler的装饰作品和Natural Curiosities和Slim Aarons的艺术作品完成了内部装饰。
      Increased sculptural and visual interest, Jonathan Adler's decorative works and the interior works of Natural Curiosities and Slim Aarons's artwork.


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