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COCO republic作品 | Emerson,实用性的设计

       Coco Republic室内设计公司受委托为Rudder集团和悉尼Sothebys国际房地产公司开发新的高端开发艾默生的全方位室内设计服务。
      Coco Republic Interior Design was commissioned to develop new high-end development Emerson's full range of interior design services for Rudder Group and Sydney Sothebys International Real Estate.
       住宅项目位于悉尼上北岸的林德菲尔德,拥有16间豪华的联排别墅,为复杂的生活提供优质的装修。Coco Republic室内设计公司制作完整的厨房和浴室设计方案,包括饰面,固定装置和设备,并提供平面图分析。
      The residential project is located in Lindfield on the upper North Shore of Sydney and has 16 luxurious townhouses that provide quality decoration for a complex life. Coco Republic Interior Design manufactures complete kitchen and bathroom design solutions, including finishes, fixtures and equipment, and provides floor plan analysis.
      In addition, the designer also designated Coco's high-end furniture, which translates into interior and exterior facades through high quality CGI rendering, making it an ideal interior design. Choosing a cosmopolitan aesthetic that complements the natural environment without sacrificing luxury, the neutral palette focuses on delicate colors and textures. The space is eternal, inviting and touching to attract local and international buyers.


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