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COCO republic作品 | The Dorset,高雅的美感

       Coco Republic准备了完整的市场渲染装饰和家具规格,并与Cloud10Property和建筑师在空间平面布局,细木工概念和公寓内的流程方面进行了合作。厨房和浴室的设计考虑到了高端客户,使用奢华的材料打造出高雅的美感。
     Coco Republic prepared complete market renderings and furniture specifications, and collaborated with Cloud10Property and architects in the spatial layout, joinery concept and in-house processes. The design of the kitchen and bathroom takes into account the high-end customers, using luxurious materials to create an elegant beauty.
       简单地创建宽敞豪华的住宅,Coco Republic为布里斯班绿树成荫的Ashgrove地区的新公寓开发项目提供了从概念到装修的完整设计服务。
      Simply creating a spacious and luxurious home, the Interior Design Company of the Republic of cocoa provides a complete design service from concept to decoration for the new apartment development in Brisbane's tree-lined Ashgrove area.
      In the design of the exhibition hall, the designer obtained a low-key scheme from the natural environment and focused on beautiful metallic colors and soft colors.


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