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COCO republic作品 | Hunters Hill House,独具特色的女性气质

       在悉尼Hunter's Hill的新建住宅中,Coco Republic为墙纸和窗帘选择制作了一个完整的家具和配件方案。客户,一个年轻的家庭,想要一个复杂的避难所,提供独具特色的女性气质和奢华感。
      In a new home at Sydney's Hunter's Hill, Coco Republic has created a complete furniture and accessories program for wallpaper and curtains. The customer, a young family, wants a sophisticated sanctuary that offers unique femininity and luxury.
       该计划展示了来自独家国际设计师Jonathan Adler,Oly和Timothy Oulton以及来自当地和国际艺术家的壁纸。美丽的室外空间采用天然木材和白色饰面,配以奢华金属质感的迷人内饰。该计划中的英雄作品是一个定制设计的地毯,以客户喜爱的颜色进行了委托。
       The program showcases wallpapers from exclusive international designers Jonathan Adler, Oly and Timothy Oulton, as well as artists from local and international artists. The beautiful outdoor space features natural wood and white finishes, with a charming interior in luxurious metallic finishes. The project's heroic work is a custom-designed rug that is commissioned in the colors that customers like.


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