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COCO republic作品 | Five Dock Residence,戏剧化的家具

       Coco Republic室内设计为悉尼内西部的一个年轻家庭创造了一个豪华,戏剧化的家具计划。简要要求为招待客人创造引人注目的空间,同时保留一个有效的家庭住宅。
      Coco Republic Interior Design has created a luxurious, dramatic furniture plan for a young family in Sydney's inner west. The brief request creates an eye-catching space for entertaining guests, while retaining an effective family home.
      This is achieved through the use of black, white, silver, gold, beige and navy palettes that combine space with brass fittings and soft furnishings to create a warmth and contrast with the darker parts.


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