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Chambon顶层公寓 | Chambon建筑群的皇冠上的宝石

      这个独特的Chambon顶层公寓是著名的Chambon建筑群的皇冠上的宝石,曾经是一家银行,现在已经与A2RC建筑师合作恢 复了昔日的辉煌。在这里,您将居住在布鲁塞尔历史悠久的市中心的标志性建筑内。
      This exclusive Chambon penthouse is the jewel in the crown of the prestigious Chambon complex, which used to be a bank, and has now been restored in collaboration with A2RC architects to all its former glory. Here you reside in an iconic building right in the historic city centre of Brussels.        这个顶层公寓位于大楼的6~7层,售价1,985,000欧元,拥有豪华精致的装饰。灿烂的空间感、宽敞的娱乐区、直观的流程, Dieter Vander Velpen建筑事务所将他们融合在The Chambon Penthouse,享受卓越的生活体验。
      Located on the 6th to 7th floors of the building, this penthouse is priced at €1,985,000 and is luxuriously decorated.A splendid sense of space. Generous entertainment areas. An intuitive flow. Dieter Vander Velpen Architects unites them in The Chambon Penthouse for a sublime living experience.         公寓二楼设有宽敞的主人套房和美丽的更衣室。珠宝手饰岛台,带玻璃门的大型鞋柜和牡蛎色的墙到地毯确保了无与伦比的精品体验。穿过更衣室,您可以到达主浴室,完全采用Calacatta大理石装饰。除了双水槽和隐藏式卫生间外,还设有独立浴缸和巨大的双蒸汽淋浴。

       On the upper floor you find the spacious master suite with a beautiful dressing room. A jewellery island, large shoe cupboards with glass doors and an oyster-coloured wall-to-wall carpet ensure an incomparable boutique experience. Via the dressing room you reach the master bathroom, fully finished in Calacatta marble. In addition to a double sink and a concealed toilet, there is a freestanding bath and an enormous double steam shower.


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